A passion for performance

We are committed to offering our customers and stakeholders the best quality services at the lowest possible price.

For several years in a row, independent cost-effectiveness benchmarks have confirmed MUAC’s ranking among the top-performing air navigation service providers in Europe.

High levels of performance are predominantly driven by high air traffic controller productivity, high-performing technology, efficient management of resources and operational procedures as well as our multinational air traffic management concept.


In 2016, 95.9% of flights using MUAC’s services travelled without any air traffic control-related delay. The average delay per flight was 0.55 minutes.


In May 2017, the ATM Cost-Effectiveness (ACE) 2015 Benchmarking Report was released, once again confirming MUAC’s ranking among the top-performing ANSPs in Europe.

The economic gate-to-gate cost-effectiveness indicator for MUAC amounted to €323 (€2015) per composite flight-hour while the European system average stood at €501, ranging from €870 to €191.

Controller productivity

In spite of high traffic density and airspace complexity, MUAC has the highest levels of air traffic controller productivity in Europe.

The productivity of an air navigation service provider is a key parameter which contributes directly to its overall performance.

Productivity improvements can be achieved by optimising air traffic management and human resources and by using advanced technology to support these processes.