NTS mission and strategic objectives

The NTS mission is to enable the technical operation of the Network Manager’s services and to ensure the smooth running of these services on a 24/7 schedule.

NTS also continuously enhances and improves the performance of the Network Manager’s services and so adds value to NM’s business.

To fulfil this mission, the NTS Division promotes the implementation of better, new operational concepts. It is responsible for business continuity for all the NM business services in the service portfolio; it actively looks for greater efficiencies and reduces the unit cost of supporting NM services. It also gives help to ATM stakeholders, on their request.

NTS seeks to improve the evolution from system to service by enhancing the Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), the NTS service catalogue, service monitoring and related service agreements. At the same time, NTS is shifting the focus from a mainly internal one to include external users. It facilitates Collaborative Decision-Making (CDM) by linking both the technical and operational domains.

NTS further enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of its sourcing contracts by launching business-critical Calls for Tender in the infrastructure domain.

Last but not least, NTS is developing its collaboration with other NM teams to create synergies with ICT providers in the Agency and so underpin the achievement of overarching efficiency objectives.