Monitoring network performance

The SES Performance Scheme requires the pro-active management, monitoring and reporting of pan-European operational performance targets covering safety, capacity, environment and cost-efficiency.

ATM network performance reports

We provide regular, timely and accurate reports on the overall performance of the network. These help us monitor and understand how the network is performing and take action when a problem occurs, and provide different views on the situation of the ATM network:

Latest public network performance reports:


Latest non-public network performance reports (OneSky Online)

Existing OneSky Online users can access the latest operational reports detailing daily, weekly and monthly delay and traffic information as well as ATFM Compliance reports via the NM ATFCM Statistics website;

New users can request access to the ATFCM Statistics website via OneSky Online registration form subject to the following criteria:

  • User is currently employed in ATM-related services

  • Users account credentials are linked to an ATM-related organisation and are easily identifiable as such (use of web based e-mail address such as gmail and yahoo are not permitted).

If you have any questions about the access conditions send us an email.


Reporting Assumptions and Descriptions

The Reporting Assumptions and Descriptions contains specific information on rules or filters applied in the NM Monthly reporting (e.g.monthly Network Operations Report, NM Monthly summary per ACC, etc) such as.

  • mapping of operation regulation causes to delay groups.
  • list of published statistical entities (e.g. ACCs) used in en-route performance reports.
  • definition of the different geographical zones used in the performance reports.

Latest edition:


Post Ops Performance Adjustment Process

The Post Ops Performance Adjustment Process allows operational stakeholders to notify national and European authorities of issues that relate to ATFM delay measurement, classification and assignment. More information is available on the Post Ops Performance Adjustment Process webpage.

The latest Post-operations performance adjustment dataset is now available as version 2 below. It contains only 2016 validated information.


European Route Network Improvement Plan - Monitoring Report

The design of the European Route Network, as described in Annex 1 of EC Regulation No 677/2011 (the Network Management Implementing Rule - NMIR)  calls for the establishment of a European Route Network Improvement Plan as part of the Network Operations Plan and is developed through a cooperative decision making process. The ERNIP Implementation Monitoring Report gives an overview of the airspace design improvements and it's contribution to flight efficiency based on the proposals implemented during the relevant AIRAC cycle. The latest monitoring report can be found below, together with further information on Airspace Design:

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