Network Manager validation platform (NMVP)

The purpose of the Network Manager validation platform (NMVP) is to provide a prototyping and validation environment of the Network Manager system to support SESAR developments, in terms of operational feasibility assessment, performance assessment and integration of new functionalities.

The NMVP is composed of an industry based pre-operational platforms (IBP), replicating the NM operational environment in two different instantiations:

  • the NMVP IBP running in shadow mode for live trials;
  • the NMVP IBP running in replay mode for fast-time and gaming exercises.

The current architecture is already SWIM compliant. It provides features available via the NOP B2B Web services and allows interconnection with other platforms. Further interoperability mechanisms are under development in collaboration with SESAR WP14 (SWIM) and other system work packages.


The platform includes the following features.

Network Operations Management and Monitoring

  • Coordinated process ASM-ATFCM
  • Measuring network performance
  • Strategic ATFCM
  • Pre-Tactical ATFCM
  • Tactical ATFCM
  • Short-term ATFM measures 
  • Occupancy Traffic Monitoring Values (OTMVs)
  • Load and Capacity Monitoring - Departure Planning Information (DPI) functionality – Airport-CDM
  • Flexible Use of Airspace (FUA): published Airspace Use Plan (eAUP) ECAC wide, Airspace Use Plan (AUP), Update Airspace Use Plan (UUP)

Flight planning processing

  • Free Route Airspace
  • Flight Updates collection and distribution
  • Flight data interoperability (Aircraft operators <-> Network Operations)
  • Flight planning consistency and validation

Network information management and sharing

  • Airspace data repository (ADR)
  • Network Operational Plan (NOP)
  • Demand Data Repository (DDR)
  • Access to airspace & route Availability
  • B2B Web Services - Flight Plan filing and management, airspace services, general information and ATFM Notification Messages (flow measures).
  • NM Human Machine Interface for Network operations, with access for external partners through the CHMI or NOP Portal interfaces
  • NM interactive reporting

Network connectivity for data communication exchanges possibly through PENS (Pan European Network Service).

Recording, Statistics and Reporting

B2B web services

For any B2B Web services request related to the NMVP in the context of SESAR, please read and follow this procedure.

NMVP Support team

Network Manager Validation Infrastructure DSR/CMN/VIF

EUROCONTROL Experimental Centre Centre de Bois des Bordes BP15
91222 Bretigny sur Orge Cedex