IM event calendar

The table below lists all AIM/SWIM/EAD - related events organised at or with the participation of EUROCONTROL.

Date Name Location Contact
6-7 September 2017 EAD Chart Working Group Vianen, Netherlands / AIS Cyprus
11-15 September 2017  IM-ADQ Course IANS, Luxembourg
26-27 September 2017 AIM / SWIM Team-13 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
26-28 September 2017 5th EAD Eastern Region Working Group meeting
(In Russian language -  with participation of the following States: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan)
Minsk, Belarus
27-28 September 2017 6th meeting of the Data Management Coordination Task Force (DMC-TF#6 ) EUROCONTROL, Belgium
2-5 October 2017 Interregional ICAO APAC/EUR/MID Seminar
“Service Improvement through Integration of Digital AIM, MET and ATM Information Services”
2-5 October 2017 IM-AIM Course IANS, Luxembourg
5-6 October 2017 EAD / MIDAD workshop
(Registrations to the workshop are taking place through the ICAO MID office in Cairo)
Vega Meeting Room
18-20 October 2017 EAD (e)AIP Working Group Edinburgh, Scotland
23-26 October 2017  IM-AIM Course IANS, Luxembourg
9 November 2017 EAIMS Consultation Workshop EUROCONTROL, Belgium
Europa Meeting Room
15-16 November 2017 AI Operations Sub-group 17 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
20-24 November 2017 IM-ADQ Course IANS, Luxembourg
21-22 November 2017 26th Meeting of the EAD Service Steering Group (EAD SSG-26) EUROCONTROL, Belgium
30-31 January 2018 3rd AIXM 5.1 HMI Workshop for Data Providers Frequentis,
Vienna, Austria
7 February 2018 eEAD Industry Consultation Workshop EUROCONTROL, Belgium
14 February 2018 Second EAIMS Stakeholder Consultation Workshop EUROCONTROL, Belgium
27-28 March 2018 AIM / SWIM Team-14 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
29-30 May 2018 EAD SSG-27 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
19-20 June 2018 AI Operations Sub-group 18 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
7-8 November 2018 EAD SSG-28 EUROCONTROL, Belgium
5-6 September  2018 EAD Chart Working Group TBD
24-26 October 2018 EAD (e)AIP Working Group TBD

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