Considering the large and successful experience of EUROCONTROL in monitoring ATM activities through the LSSIP mechanism and taking into account the alignment of the European ATM Master Plan Level 3 Implementation Objectives with the ICAO GANP and ASBUs, the European Commission, the SESAR Joint Undertaking and EUROCONTROL have invited ICAO to make use of the existing EUROCONTROL ESSIP/LSSIP reporting mechanisms for developing a report on ASBU Implementation for the ICAO EUR region.

At the 55th Meeting of the European Air Navigation Planning Group (EANPG) in 2013 a cooperative arrangement on the collection and monitoring of the implementation status of ASBU in ICAO EUR/NAT Region was agreed between ICAO and EUROCONTROL. These reporting mechanisms are using the combined versions of the ESSIP/LSSIPmechanism for the ECAC States and a specific ICAO EUR ASBU questionnaire for the non-ECAC States.

The first ASBU Implementation Monitoring Report reference period 2014 was prepared by EUROCONTROL DPS/PEPR and endorsed by EANPG/57. It reported the progress information received from 41 ECAC states included in the ESSIP/LSSIP mechanism and 4 non-ECAC States within ICAO EUR Region. .

For the second ASBU Implementation Monitoring Report (reference period 2015) the format and content of the Report were revamped with the inclusion of wide coverage maps, statistics and dashboards. To note in particular the availability of the ASBU Block 0 Implementation Dashboard that can be used for current and future benchmarking, and an Implementation Outlook for 2018 giving a forecast on the ASBU Block 0 Implementation expected to be achieved during that milestone year.

The 2015 ICAO/EUROCONTROL ASBU Implementation Monitoring Report is a key document for monitoring and analysing ASBU implementation in the EUR Region. It was endorsed at the EANPG/58 with, amongst others, the following conclusions:

  • “The EANPG appreciated the significantly improved version of the report and noted that this was a successful example of cooperation using combined efforts and existing resources in order to avoid unnecessary duplication of report”
  • “The endorsed ASBU implementation monitoring report will be forwarded as one of the contributions from ICAO EUR Region to the annual ICAO Global Air Navigation Report and relevant parts will be used for the ICAO EUR eANP Vol III”
  • It was therefore agreed to adopt the annual ASBU Implementation Monitoring Report as a Companion Document to the EUR eANP, Volume III.

The data collection for the reference period 2016 is ongoing and another ASBU Implementation Monitoring Report will be prepared by DPS/PEPR and presented for endorsement at EANPG/59.