Central Office for Delay Analysis (CODA)

The objective of the Central Office for Delay Analysis (CODA) within EUROCONTROL is to provide policy makers and managers of the ECAC Air Transport System with timely, consistent and comprehensive information on the air traffic delay situation in Europe.

The main tasks of the activity involve:

  • Data collection from a wide variety of data providers
  • Data validation to ensure that questionable results are not produced from the CODA database
  • Database loading applies further validity checks such as completeness and consistency of the data compared to what is already in CODA such as duplicate flight information.
  • Software supported delay analysis
  • Report generation through verification, analysis, formatting and synopsis
  • Provision of internet access interface to data and analysis

CODA Analysis tool

This tool aims to provide information on all delay causes, one week after of the end of each calendar month. Besides statistics and reports based on NM flight data, CODA incorporates operational data received from various operators. This data first needs to be uploaded into the CODA database (only the data that can be successfully matched against NM flight information, will be moved to the actual CODA tables) and is then aggregated in order to allow responsive queries.

Please be aware that this application is only accessible to certified people, professionally engaged in Air Traffic Flow Management and aircraft operations.

A secured access to our on-line analysis tool can be requested via OneSky Online registration form. When access is granted, each industry partner can reach their specific part of the CODA Analysis tool.


CODA Report (CORE) tool

Airlines will also have access to the CODA Report (CORE) , an online report generator that creates a PDF based on the parameters set by the user. Watch our video for a demo on using the CORE report tool and download a sample report below.


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