ATFCM Modelling Tools

Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management Modelling Tools

While focusing on the needs of the three main pillars of the SESAR framework (Network and Capacity Demand, Air Traffic Service and Airport), EUROCONTROL has placed special attention to the Air Traffic Flow and Capacity Management (ATFCM) as part of the Network pillar.

Activities in this area are directed towards the provision of tools and facilities to support the ATFCM modelling and real-time simulations that will be used to support the gaming, HIL (human-in-the-loop) simulations, and performance assessment activities.

The development strategy of these tools is to enable the validation of the SESAR concept from long term to pre-tactical until dynamic ATFCM evaluations.

Dynamic ATFCM tools

Live trial and real-time simulation platforms - to be used for human factor evaluation, operational feasibility, and demonstration purposes:

  • NMVP (Network Management Validation Platform) - This platform is mainly used for SESAR concept validation of maturity V2 and V3 levels.
  • DARTIS (Decision Aid to Real Time Synchronisation) - Initially used in V1 and V2 SESAR concept maturity level

Fast-time ATFCM facilities - AirTOp - to support performance assessment activities with en-route, approach, and airport evaluations.

Strategic and pre-tactical capacity planning tools

These include model-based facilities (ASTAAC based on NEVAC), used for capacity planning evaluation and ATFCM strategic evaluation in the context of SESAR.

ATFCM Support team

ATFCM Tools Validation Infrastructure

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