Air traffic management (ATM) explained

Flying is the fastest and one of the safest methods of transport. But what makes it possible? Complex processes and control systems come into play - all this is what we call air traffic management (ATM).

Air traffic management is about the procedures, technology and human resources which make sure that:

  • aircraft are guided safely through the sky and on the ground and
  • airspace is managed to accommodate the changing needs of air traffic over time.

Below you will find all you need to know about air traffic management (ATM) – the overall concept, an overview of the current European ATM system, and further useful ATM-related information.

  • What is air traffic management: The ATM process at a glance
  • Dossiers: Exploring the many facets of air traffic management and European aviation
  • ATM lexicon: A single point of access to validated ATM terminology
  • Glossaries: ATM acronyms, abbreviations and concepts explained
  • SKYbrary: The single point of reference for aviation safety knowledge
  • Useful links: Looking for more ATM or aviation-related information?