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The NSA Coordination Platform (NCP) of the European Commission has several Working subgroups, amongst others the Performance Working Group. The objective of that group is to liaise closely with NSAs to ensure a common understanding on tasks related to the Performance Scheme and to develop Guidance Material for NSAs.

The support of NCP Performance Workgroup was performed by EUROCONTROL until end 2016. The on-line document reporting will be transferred to a new NCP portal in the beginning of 2017. The administrative support has been contracted out to the NCP Support team. Their contact is available on the right-hand side of the page.

Older materials of the NCP Workgroup Meetings are still available by subscribing to the NSA Coordination platform OneSky Teams (OST) of EUROCONTROL.


Supporting Materials

SES Monitoring Dashboard

In Support to the Commission the PRU developed an online SES performance monitoring dashboard which aims to supporting NSAs in their SES monitoring activities for RP1 and RP2.

It presents information related to the performance scheme at different levels: EU-wide, Performance Plan (either national or FAB) and Airports.

The dashboard covers all Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Performance Indicators (PIs) regulated by the performance scheme Regulation. In addition, KPIs are presented against adopted targets.

The dashboard contains links to metadata detailing the calculation of each indicator as well as a download function which allows stakeholders to use the data for their own purpose.

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ATM Performance portal and data download area

The PRU maintains a public ATM performance-related portal containing information for the benefit of the entire European Air Transport network. Here all stakeholders can find validated performance information in an open and standardised format.

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2016 Actual economic data

2015 Actual economic data

2015-2019 forecast data (for the revision of cost-efficiency targets in RP2 PP)

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NCP Support

Contact us for administrative support for the NSA Coordination Platform (NCP).

PRU helpline for NSAs

+32 2 729 3591