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Why aircraft
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fly in straight lines

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2nd A-CDM Information Exchange

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Both sides of the North Atlantic come together at EUROCONTROL for NAM/EUR 28

Experts from air traffic control, airline and military operation staff, flight plan service providers and meteorology from both sides of the North Atlantic met and discussed how to optimising the way flights enter and leave North Atlantic airspace and thus minimising delays.

28 September 2016
Working closely with ICAO to deliver more efficient air...
26 September 2016
Despite not being part of the cost reduction programme of...
23 September 2016
The first meeting of the Just Culture Task Force after...
21 September 2016
The week 12-18 September proved to be a particularly trying...


The objective is to optimise traffic flows according to air...
Airports are a crucial component of the overall aviation...
Under the umbrella of the pan-European system design...
We support our Member States, the Network Manager and...
Communications, Navigation and Surveillance (CNS) are three...
The ash cloud crises (2010 and 2011) showed that a network...
EUROCONTROL puts its environmental expertise at the service...
The Network Manager provides traffic and delay forecasts...
The Network Manager Operations Centre (NMOC, previously...
The Network Operations planning ensures the seamless...
We make plans and write reports for the European air...
Airspace users which fly in the controlled airspace of...
Our approach to safety is a pro-active and preventive one:...
EUROCONTROL delivers unique high-quality training courses,...

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